Prophets of Insanity

  The era of knowing, prophets of the mind and omniscient wisdom that turns the whole world blind. Loving guides of ignorance, A spiritual battle of truth. Beliefs infect innocence and spread the poisoned fruit. In the blink of an eye it affects anyone on the way. Fallen angels spread their light and darken the […]


Goddess of war, enlightened by visions, Neamhain walks through forest and field. Seeking truth, written in thunder and rain, she fights without sword or shield. Guided by presences formless though real, she reads messages in the sky. Neamhain gets up everytime, because her strength never dies. Wolfs are her companions and trees her guides, her friends. They speak […]

The messenger

To have a message is to pretend. It is a result of thought, a product of the mind and therefore it cannot contain true wisdom. It might be knowledge, but nothing more otherwise our life itself would be the message, received or noticed by those who are open to it, stumble upon it, because it […]


  I keep on walking, endlessly. No past, no mind, no destiny. I gaze into eternity… Nothing to prove, nothing to be. No need to speak of what I see for none of it is part of me.  

Nature’s Cry

  The light of eternity saturates the darkness of ephemerality. A gloomy vision appears before my eyes… Nature in human form. Carefully constructed by human hands, that destroy and dominate, chain, judge and suffocate. Nature died a dreadful death, a lifeless body remained. Dominion widely celebrated: ‘Ruthless Nature restrained!’ Her fate, dreary and bleak, apparantly mouldable, she […]


  I have found eternity in the haunted darkness of reality that I cannot escape so easily but I’m part of it, it’s a part of me and in reality I find beauty a sparkle of eternity within you, within me that I witness, gratefully  

City Asleep

  The city is sleeping, for it is night The full moon is shining bright A lonely man passes me by His clothes dirty, the man shy Rather pleasant I find the night For I do not enjoy the light The bright busy day, the crowded sight Oh, how much I love the night! For […]


  Light reflects on the window, shapes slowly appear. There is pretty much to see, while there seems to be nothing here. It’s a portrait of the unseen, magical, subtle, good… It remains invisible to the rushing mind, it is misunderstood.  

Rainy Days

  Silly little drops of rain where did you come from? In your water I remain while I breathe your tears, share your fate… Silly little drops of rain, how long must I wait for you to dance within my hands, in the shimmering light… of the sweet full moon in the silence of the […]